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My first talk at BostonWP

Well I have finished my first BostonWP Meetup talk. Recovering from a WordPress Hack, https://wpcms.ninja/recovering-from-a-wordpress-hack/. Something that I have some experience in doing. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous at some points but overall I think...

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How to make the featured photo show in the single post

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I was writing my first blogpost and set the feature photo as I’m supposed to (bottom right).
It shows it perfectly in the overview page, i’m happy with that.
However it does not show on the top of my post once I click on it. If I add the same picture in my post it shows up double (ofcourse) in the overview page. Not what I want.

How do I show the featured image on the top of my single post?

Hope there is someone who can help! 🙂

If it helps, my site is: http://www.apieceoffelice.com/ Right now I only have the featured image set and did not add the picture to the top of my post again.




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