Ivacy’s “Lifetime” Subscription Ploy

So I am a frequent buyer of items from the Stacksocial website.  They for the most part have really good deals on items.  Sometimes they even have Lifetime Subscriptions.  Stacksocial happened to have one that looked like it would be exactly what I needed and was also a Lifetime Subscription.  I came across Ivacy VPN and took a look at the description and also the license information and everything looked good.  As you can see from the images to the right the license area states that it is a Lifetime Subscription and it must be redeemed in 15 days.  So I purchase their subscription and go through setting it up.

I get things running the way that I want and things are looking good but then I noticed while in the app that it had an expiration date of 2023.  So I have ran into this kind of thing in the past where they give you the longest subscription they offer in the system and when that time is up you go to support and ask for a renewal.  So I go to support with Ivacy and ask then if this is the case.  The response I got back was:

In the tech industry, lifetime refers to the life cycle of a software, which is typically 5 years. So, this is the reason why our affiliates are offering the deal for 5 years and calling it a lifetime offer.

If in the tech industry lifetime subscription refers to the life cycle of a software then how am I able to get a Lifetime Subscription to other VPN's or other pieces of technical industry software or applications?

To give you an example of how the Lifetime Subscription products should look.  Here is SlickVPN.  They are offering a similar Lifetime Subscription to their product.  Looking at their license page it shows you that you are given a 10 year subscription in their system and to continue the Lifetime Subscription all you need to do is contact their support team to have your subscription renewed.  Great job SlickVPN.

There really should be something on the License Page specifying that the definition of Lifetime Subscription for this products is defined as the Life Cycle of the product to which we are defining as 5 years.  I am not sure if it was Stacksocial or Ivacy who dropped the ball on publishing this Lifetime Subscription product but I am very disappointed that people can blatantly lie about what a product is.  I wish there was a way that I could see how many people that when they go to use their Lifetime Subscription account with Ivacy VPN and be told at that point that the account they bought was based off of the life cycle of the product and not really a Lifetime Subscription.

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